Advice 1

01 First impressions are very important. dress, speak, write, and generally behave like a professional. Shake hands, make eye contact, smile, and be friendly.

Advice 2

02 Establish good relationships with your coworkers. Be friendly, polite, helpful, and sensitive. It's good to talk with your coworkers and get to know them but beware of gossiping and complaining. Be careful about bringing personal business to work, and be sure that what you do discuss is fit for public consumption.

Advice 3

03 Show up to work on time, when you are expected. Call if you are going to be sick or late. Don't be sick or late often.

Advice 4

04 Value the work you have to do and do it with care. Everything you do in life has consequences and you never know for what it wil be good one day.

Advice 5

05 Ask! In fact, asking questions is a good thing and your boss will expect it. It shows you are willing to learn, are motivated and have a genuine interest in your job.

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